Defect Analysis

Schedules of Condition


It is often useful to have a record of a building’s condition either at the commencement of a lease or before building works take place on neighbouring properties.

Schedules of Condition are often associated with Party Wall matters


Schedules of Condition can be used to limit the liability of Tenants taking a lease of a property where it is agreed that the building will be maintained only to the standard at commencement of the Term.  However, this will only be of effect if strictly agreed with the Landlord.  It is also worth noting the schedule of Condition will not usually limit the liability to redecorate at the end of the lease and cannot  stop replacement of elements that might deteriorate during the lease term and where the only repair is full replacement (repairing back to original state not being possible).

Schedules of Condition are also useful where works are being undertaken close to a neighbour’s property and a record of its condition can be used to determine if any damage results from the works.

Roads and access ways can be recorded prior to works where heavy vehicle movements could lead to damage.

Paul Ashton Ltd can prepare full Schedules of Condition supported by photographs for all types of property.

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