Building Survey


A building survey can be undertaken on any private house or flat, commercial or industrial building.  The nature of the inspection and report will be geared to the type of property and requirements of the purchaser.  Commonly an investment purchaser might have different requirements from a tenant taking a fully repairing lease and flat purchase will involve more comment upon service charges, common areas and the like.

The building survey inspection will include all visible parts of the building, accessible roof spaces etc.  Full details of the extent of survey are issued in standard conditions of engagement before inspection is undertaken.

The building survey report will make comment on services (heating and electrical etc.) based upon visual inspection.  If in the surveyor’s view there are shortcomings requiring specialist inspection, it will be recommended in the report.  However, generally the report will attempt to draw firm conclusion without further input.

A building survey (sometimes referred to as a structural survey) is an inspection to establish the condition of a property prior to purchase.

Building surveys are undertaken on private, industrial and all commercial properties.

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